Tree Stump


Coaching for womxn


I help creative sensitive passionate women find nourishment beyond food, freedom in their bodies, and a career they love (without a side of burn out)

so they can fall asleep deeply content at the end of each day

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Coach with me

There are three phases to the coaching process. If you choose to work with me, your package is designed to meet you where you're at. 

Phase 1:


Deepen your presence

Connect with your natural instincts

 and innate healing capacity

Build trust and safety in your body's wisdom

Phase 2:


Grow capacity to hold your ground and feel your heart


Understand yourself and access your truth and inner guidance

Spark your inner creative fire and passion

Phase 3:


Find freedom to be your full, whole joyful self

Feel courage to express your passion and truth with the world

Trust in your natural flow to create your best life with ease

"Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, it’s all the same day."

Janis Joplin


I'm an intuitive coach and healer for sensitive womxn who are tired of squeezing themselves into a box that doesn't fit. 
I help them to speak their minds, see opportunities for themselves and grow the confidence to take aligned action towards their deeper purpose.



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