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Somatic Therapy

Sometimes, no matter how much talk therapy, healing or mindset work we do, the same patterns repeat in our life. In Somatic Therapy sessions, we support the nervous system to create embodied safety, presence, and gentle resolution of any frozen or fearful energy keeping you stuck, so you can experience growth, freedom and a deep connection to your body and soul.

Soul Guidance

As a soul guide, I can support you to uncover the richness your soul desires and hold your hand while you birth it your soul's work into the world. Using somatic tools, life coaching and energy healing, soul guidance sessions support creatives and healers who yearn to express themselves more freely in the world.


How we work together

The phases of long-term sustainable transformation

Phase 1: Find your Ground

Deepen your presence, connect with your natural instincts and innate healing capacity
Build trust and safety in your body's wisdom.
Find your ground and feel your heart.

Phase 2: Grow your Power

Grow connection to your truth and inner guidance. Build capacity and resources.
Spark your inner creative fire and passion
Speak your boundaries and your truth

Phase 3: Embody your Purpose

Experience the freedom of your full, whole, joyful self. Gain the courage to express your passion and truth with the world. Trust in your natural flow to create your best life with ease



Inner Truth

6 x 60 minute coaching sessions (held weekly or fortnightly)
Email support between sessions
Resources as needed (meditations, practices, journalling prompts)
$945 pay in full
$315 x 3 monthly payments

Soul Guidance

12 x 60 minute coaching sessions (held weekly or fortnightly)
Email support between sessions
Resources as needed (meditations, practices, journalling prompts)
$1800 pay in full
$300 x 6 monthly payments




I decided to work with Emma after spending thousands of dollars in therapy and feeling frustrated that I was just not getting the results I desired. Although therapy was very helpful, I felt like there was still so much patterning stuck in my nervous system. I knew that I needed to find another way to access and release my old triggers but did not have the tools to do so. With Emma’s gentle and expert guidance, within a few sessions I was able to have some huge breakthroughs and feel so much more freedom in my body, mind and nervous system. A painful area in my spine that had not resolved through many massage and chiropractic treatments went away after a single zoom session with Emma, and I was able to move through and process some blocks that I hadn’t even realised were holding me back. It really is amazing what the body holds onto and what you can release if you have the right person facilitating you. Emma is caring, professional and non judgemental. She has a gift for holding space and gently guiding you towards clarity. This is profound work and I would highly recommend working with Emma, especially if you have recurring blocks the are not resolving through other therapies.

Kate, Musician

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