This is the core skill you need right now

What's your relationship to change? Right now, change is in the air. We all feel it. How do you respond?

Are you should-ing all over the place, mentally white-knuckling your way through? What if there was another way?

I gotta say, I love change. These days, I get a weird sense of delirious glee when I start to see gaping holes burned in the fabric of my life. No joke. It's very different to my old experience of "What! Change? PANIC FUCKQUICKFIXIT!!! *Cue headless chicken dance*

When we see the flames of change appear, and know parts of our life are about to transform, it's really easy and normal to panic and try to avoid it like COVID. Isolate! Isolate! (too soon?)

Maybe you go straight up into your head, analysing all the possible worst case scenarios. Your inner critic might start should-ing all over the place. It shouldn't be this way! Or you might feel frozen, crippled by indecision. What should I do? Left, right, round in circles!

BUT did you know...

Even though your mind is doing Olympic-standard gymnastics to try and control the situation and avoid the change...

Your body-heart-soul knows EXACTLY what's going on. It creates your life accordingly. With or without your mind's consent. Our mind, our consciousness is then dragged, kicking and screaming, into the next cycle, bringing all the trash from the previous cycle along with it, because we didn't give it the SPACE it needed to let go of junk.

We never truly feel our hands on the steering wheel, the exhilaration of freedom in our choices and our expression, and the satisfaction of knowing we're headed in the right direction.

I know, I've been there for a really long time. Creating the same cycles over and over. And over. Change kept coming at me until I learned another way.

And did I learn! Things are different now. When I see singed edges around an empty space, it's super inspiring. I'm no longer repeating so many cycles. I experience power and freedom in my choices. I feel super aligned and on track, and I can create whatever I feel called to.

I found a healthy, delicious partnership. I doubled my income. I bought a gorgeous brand new house (something I thought was never possible or that I even wanted!).

I also have excellent boundaries. I embrace my sweet sensitivity and deep emotions. I express myself courageously - difficult conversations are no longer such a burden. My creativity story went from 'I'm not creative' to seeing how I create EVERYTHING, from the tiniest fractal into the grandest expression. My friendships and intimate relationships are based on mutual love, respect and sovereignty.

I can relate to life/change from a spacious, knowing, centred, anchored place. There's spaciousness to FEEL deeply, to discard the trash of the old cycle. To listen deeply to my intuition, my body's wisdom. And because I'm not split and separate, my energy is potent. I actually have the energy to ACT on the nudges I feel.

(Yes, I am an annoying walking cliche. I'm okay with that.)

I'd love to guide you to yummy alignment in your career and life, a sense of deep satisfaction for your day's work when your head hits the pillow at night, courage and freedom to express your needs and desires in your relationships, the energy to go for what you want, and being more yourself than you thought was possible.

Sign up for Panic to Purpose here and hit reply if you have any questions.

Lots of love,

Emma xoxo


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