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Creative Movements: Aimie Whiting

I'm so excited to share the first interview in the Creative Movements series with you! Creative Movements is where you'll discover folks who are creating & moving in the world using their unique talents and gifts.

Today you'll hear from Aimie Whiting, a metal artist who creates gorgeous sculptures from scrap metal. I am so inspired by Aimie's creativity, both through her metal sculptures and her movement practice as a personal trainer with experience in CrossFit, yoga, the Ido Portal method and rock climbing. Aimie has played an important role in supporting my creativity and wellbeing, I have learnt so much from her grounded approach and commitment to solid foundations and I'm thrilled to share her with you!

In this conversation, we explore:

- What influences Aimie's creativity and how she started metal sculpture

- Aimie's creative process, from inspiration to completion (woven throughout the chat!)

- Mindset tips to support your creative journey

- How each piece is a unique expression, and how life circumstances impact art

- How time and slowing down supports creative inspiration

- The importance of physical movement

- The relationship between movement, presence, inspiration & creativity

- Aimie's unique method of creating commissions for clients

- The importance of structure and technical foundations in art and movement

- How art and creativity supports physical and mental health and wellbeing, and fulfilment

- Aimie's perspective on building a life based on her values, passion and purpose

- Balancing time, productivity, money and creativity

Listen to the Audio:

We would love to hear what you got out of this interview! Add a comment or get in touch and let us know, and please feel free to share with your friends!

Connect with Aimie:



About Aimie:

Aimie is a hands on person who completed her Bachelor Industrial Design only to realize she couldn’t get away from her passion of creating one off metal sculptures. Mass production just wasn’t her thing.

She is known for her metalworking skills and has the ability to make such a hard structured material as steel seem soft.

Her sculptures vary in form and scale, however you can see that everyday objects have inspired her work. She creates using predominately recycled steel, stainless steel, copper and even brass.

Aimie’s work engages the audiences with the recognisable form as well as the tactile impact she achieves through various metal working processes and finishes. Seeing her pieces in person can be quite the different experience to a photograph.

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