You don’t have to be healed to be in relationship

(with me)

You need to own your pain. Not sit alone, in your pain.

You are a glow-ball

a love bug

a fierce, independent spirit.

You want to hide your broken, your edges

but I love the light that shines through them.

You don’t need to stay broken, looping through your shame, to be loved.

You don’t have to be broken to be in relationship

(with me)

You need to show up in all your glory.

I love your deep feeling, your generosity

Your loving nature and your vulnerability

All the cracks and all the light - be it.

One of you runs to lick your wounds, alone and wild.

One of you clings to my legs like a lost child.

Both of you are beautiful

Both of you are capable

of being seen, of showing up

of letting go, of self-sourcing

of recognising your need for love

for yourself

you stay in the shadows // you cling to the light

too close // too far

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