Massage therapy is a beautiful, nourishing way to connect deeply with yourself and sooth your nervous system.

Release tension from your body and let your soul drop into its physical home. In this deep space, you'll get in touch with wisdom that only your body can provide.

A nourishing massage treatment activates your body's innate healing capacity to improve your health and wellbeing, with the effects flowing into every area of life. Massage is an excellent complementary therapy if you are experiencing stress, grief, change, or recovering from illness, injury or for regular maintenance of your best self.

Choose from:

Deep tissue


Table Thai massage. 

30, 45, 60 and 90 minute treatment sessions are available.

COVID-19 precautions:

Hand sanitiser available on arrival and departure

Therapist may wear a face mask for their own safety.

Between clients: 

- Room will be ventilated and disinfected 

- Table fully re-draped and disinfected

- Touch points (door handles, bathrooms etc) disinfected

- Linen washed above 71C for minimum of 25 minutes

Please do not attend your appointment if you exhibit the symptoms listed in pre-screening form - contact me to discuss

If you are in the high-risk categories, contact me to discuss


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